You've stumbled across my personal portfolio playground. I've been using this domain to explore web design and development technologies since 2002.

The purpose of this website today is to maintain an active record of my design, development, and musical works. It also helps me keep up my front-end chops.

I'll also use this space to periodically share conceptual ideas and, more rarely, project-related press.

Known Issues

  • Music links require consolidation to a single source. Various links currently drive to Soundcloud, Discogs etc.

  • Wrapper margin issues appearing on some mobile browsers.

Recent Updates

  • 2018-11-14
    Layout tweaks, bug fixes, and CSS cleanup.

  • 2018-11-13
    Free Ideas section updated with 9 ideas from the archive.

  • 2018-11-12
    New website launched.

Free Ideas

I often have ideas I can't or won't execute completely on my own, here are a few. Interested? Let's chat.

Gamified Public Transit


A passive mobile app incentivizing transit riders to maximize space utilization & accommodate other passengers. Pairs with beacons on transit vehicles.

Stubhub for Departing Ticket Holders


A mobile app that enables departing ticket holders to give away or sell their seats to other ticker holders who wish to upgrade theirs.

University of Industry Experts


A blockchain-enabled education & credential system where industry experts provide unique & bespoke mentorship & guidance to individual students.

Uber for Designated Drivers


A mobile application that reduces drunk driving by pairing qualified & vetted designated drivers with intoxicated car owners.

Emoji Pictionary


A take on Pictionary where users attempt to decipher a string of emoji back into text, ultimately feeding a relational dataset for ML and AI.

Collective Memory Timeline


An application enabling friends & family members to collectively recall & document nostalgic moments in their past, uncovering forgotten memories.

Regressive Behaviour Browser Extension


A browser extention to scrape and index regressive social content for the purpose of public exposure, embaressment & behavioural change.

Mobile Yellow Ticket


A mobile app that enables women to escape unwanted situations by pinging nearby users to nonchalantly come to their aid.

Crowdsourced Patient Information


A series of applications that facilitate the transfer of patient information from friends & family members to healthcare professionals.

Project-Related Press

Sometimes people write about things I've been a part of:

Circulation acquired by NEMT broker Logisticare for $46 million
MobiHealthNews (Sepember 18 2018)

Circulation Now Providing Full Suite of Transportation to 1,500 Health Facilities Across the US
BusinessWire (February 27 2018)

Circulation joins forces with Lyft in rideshare co’s latest non emergency medical transportation deal
MedCityNames (December 6 2017)

How a Boston-based startup is changing non-emergency medical transportation
StateScoop (October 9 2017)

Investors Pump $10.5M Into Circulation for Medical Transport Software
Xconomy (July 25 2017)

Klick Health | 2017
Medical Marketing and Media (July 5 2017)

Rideshare partnerships help patients get to doc on time
Modern Healthcare (April 20 2017)

Circulation, a startup that helps hospitals use Uber for medical transportation, gets seed investment
MobiHealthNews (October 13 2016)

Circulation, Uber Team Up to Get Patients to Doctor’s Appointments
Xconomy (September 27 2016)

12 of the Best Apps Made in Canada This Year
Techvibes (July 10 2015)

Fight Back Against Poor Parkers With This Photo-Shaming App
Good Magazine (June 1 2015)

Call Out Poorly Parked Cars With the App 'TowIt'
The Atlantic's City Lab (May 25 2015)

This New App Lets You Report Cars Parked In Bike Lanes So They Can Be Towed Like They Deserve
Fast Company (May 8 2015)

TowIt wants ot be John Tory's Favourite Mobile App
BetaKit (February 17 2015)

Towit helps Torontonians report parking violations from their phone
Mobile Syrup (January 27 2015)

Towit pitches a digital solution to illegal parking
Toronto Star (January 19 2015)