Past Ventures

I firmly believe that we learn the most from our failures. Here are some of mine:


Toronto, Canada (2014-2015)

A global mobile startup that enabled civilians to report parking violations and dangerous driving in real-time.


Toronto, Canada (2008-2009)

A digital advertising agency that exclusively hired recently laid-off freelancers during the economic recession.


Dubai, United Arab Emirates (1999-2000)

The first online skateboard shop to service and advocate for skaters in the Middle East. Please excuse the spelling mistakes.

Free Ideas

I often have ideas I can't or won't execute on my own, here are a few freebies:

Gamified Public Transit


A passive mobile app incentivizing transit riders to maximize space utilization & accommodate other passengers. Pairs with beacons on transit vehicles.

Stubhub for Departing Ticket Holders


A mobile app that enables departing ticket holders to give away or sell their seats to other ticker holders who wish to upgrade theirs.

University of Industry Experts


A blockchain-enabled education & credential system where industry experts provide unique & bespoke mentorship & guidance to individual students.

Uber for Designated Drivers


A mobile app that reduces drunk driving by pairing qualified & vetted designated drivers with intoxicated car owners.

Regressive Behaviour Browser Extention


A browser extention to scrape and index regressive social content for the purpose of public exposure, embarrassment & behavioural change.

Emoji Pictionary


A take on Pictionary where users attempt to decipher a string of emoji back into text, ultimately feeding a relational dataset for ML and AI.

Uber Propane


A mobile app to connect barbeque aficionados who find themselves in unfortunate gasless situations with people willing to buy and deliver propane for them.

Collective Memory Timeline


An application enabling friends & family members to collectively recall & document nostalgic moments in their past, uncovering forgotten memories.

Crowdsourced Patient Information


An application that facilitates the transfer of patient information from friends & family members to healthcare professionals to increase holistic context.

Mobile Yellow Ticket


A mobile app that enables women to escape unwanted situations by pinging nearby users to nonchalantly come to their aid.